We all need a crisis plan!

What protocols do you have in place in case disaster strikes? Don't be caught off guard again by another crisis. Here's why you need a crisis plan.

We all need a crisis plan

If there is anything this pandemic has taught us is that having a crisis plan is a necessity. At an individual level, as a business, as an organization, regardless of the nature of organization, you need a crisis plan. Be prepared for the worst as you hope for the best. 

It will help you stay afloat during a crisis

Having a crisis plan makes you more prepared in case of any crisis. Regardless of the size of your venture, have a plan in place. Crisis plans are more common in large organizations, something that small and medium sized businesses need to emulate. In case of anything, your venture will need to stay afloat and what better way to do this than have protocols to implement in place?

You will safeguard your venture

Most businesses have slowed down or closed during this pandemic. It's been a struggle to adapt to a business environment that keeps changing everyday. Having a crisis plan does not mean you will not face any challenges, it makes it easier for you to weather the storm and as an entrepreneur, your venture relies on you to ensure it's survival!

You will lay off zero or few employees

Your employees rely on you, your employees dependents indirectly rely on you, your partners, clients and investors. The number of people who rely on you should push you to ensure that your venture is able to weather any storm. Having a crisis plan means that you won't have to let go of people who have committed themselves to ensuring your venture succeeds. In the unfortunate event that you have to, you won't lay off many employees as you would have if you had no crisis plan. 

You are better safe than sorry. While some aspects are within our control, we also need to accept and prepare for things we have no control over. A crisis plan is not a luxury, it's a necessity, have one in place. 

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