Re-Imagine everything

Goals, growth and milestones is how we all imagined the year will be. Having a plan is important but not everything always goes according to plan. A least 2020 has taught us that.

Coronavirus has changed so many aspects in our lives and some of these might remain the same post COVID-19. Surviving a crisis requires resilience and the ability to analyze and adapt to change. For that reason, FOYA Awards 2020 East Africa will hold a physical and a webcast event.

We change our theme from 'Have It All' to Re-Imagine'. With the massive loss of jobs, slow economies and a virus, it's time to reimagine everything. Re-imagine your business, product, service, structure, team, marketing, sales, technology, procurement, partnerships, finances, sustainability and existence.


  • Your business

How will your business adapt to the new normal? What new practices are short term and what will stay in place semi-permanently or permanently?

  • Your product

What additions have you made and what have you done away with, how do you intend to keep it relevant and serve the market needs?

  • Your service

Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change. How have you transformed your service to adapt to the constantly changing business environment?

  • Your structure

That's the method; restructure your venture then see what happens. This pandemic might have called for new roles and new practices. Monitor and keep restructuring!

  • Your team

Your team is your biggest asset. How are you ensuring it is able to align with the new objectives? Is your team excited and motivated to take up new challenges? All this is dependent on you as a founder. While you reimagine your business, reimagine your team as well.

  • Your marketing

With shift in habits, consumer behavior, purchasing and the business environment, our marketing should change and be able to appeal to your clients now and in future. The client you had before covid needs to be addressed differently now and in future.

  • Your sales

Sales is about establishing trust and educating our clients especially now with covid in play. Reimagine how to achieve this and at the same time solve your customers' problems. 

  • Your technology

With technology, you either adapt or get phased out, ensure that your business adopts the best technology it needs in order to serve your customers better and at the same time be more efficient. With tech changing everyday, always stay updated and it is more important to know WHEN it's time to change your tech.

  • Your procurement

Is your procurement process working well at this time? Reimagine it and find areas of improvement to make it better.

  • Your partnerships

Collaboration is a key part of success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication. Reimagine your partnerships!

  • Your finances

Your economic security lies in your power to produce, to think, to create and to adapt. The power to make more money to fuel your venture is more important.

  • Your sustainability

Achieving company sustainability requires a detailed understanding of the environmental and social context in which the business operates. Reimagine your venture's activities, behaviour, products and services while having these in mind.

  • Your existence

There has been a reset to everything. A reset to your life as an individual, business or founder. With new practices and a crisis in play, how do you intend to reinvent, adapt to change moving forward?

Re-align, re-visit, re-invent, re-imagine.

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